I am a strategic UX designer.    

      Designing for the big picture,    

             and the individual user.           

Mobile App Design for Smart Hotel-room Ecosystem Installation

A smart hotel room ecosystem for Hilton and Marriott hotels.

Legrand, a large electrical equipment manufacturer, is building a smart hotel room ecosystem for Hilton and Marriott hotels and needs a mobile app for assisting installers with implementing the ecosystem into currently operating hotels.

Project Management Software Design for

Depts. of Transportation

Seamlessly managing multi-million dollar projects and accelerating DOT's out of the Excel age.

WCEC Engineers, a civil engineering firm, is taking on the unprecedented task of creating a complete Dept. of Transportation project management software solution that seamlessly manages multi-million dollar road and construction projects from idea to completion.

Website Redesign for Business Model Restructure

Legislation changes overseas threaten a burgeoning startup.

Recyclops, a recycling startup company, needs a refocused and revamped website as the company pivots and restructures its business model in response to legislation changes that threaten to completely put them out of business.

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